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We are passionate about delivering unparalleled healthcare to patients of all ages, shapes, and sizes. We strive to constantly improve and refine our treatment methods, stay at the leading edge of healthcare technology, and provide our patients with the most advanced diagnostic procedures and cutting edge healthcare so they may achieve all of their health goals.

Our unique treatment approach goes above and beyond common medical remedies. Our treatment is far more effective than standard physical therapy procedures of ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, roller tables, stretching, and floor exercises. Our treatment is considerably more effective than common chiropractic treatment which consists of non-specific, generalized spinal mobilizations. And our treatment greatly surpasses that of nutrition, massage, yoga, and other alternative treatments alone.

Born out of the desire to help patients who can’t be helped elsewhere, New Health Medical has become a leader in patient care in the South Bay since 1992.



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  1. Health Insurance:  We accept most insurance plans for treatment of injuries or conditions.
    have found through years of clinical experience that it is more effective to maximize the amount of time spent focusing on active rehabilitation and minimize the commonly over-utilized passive therapy.  Using these principals, our doctors have been successful in achieving superior clinical results in a shorter treatment period.
  2. Medicare:  We are a Medicare-approved facility and our doctors regularly treat and rehabilitate Medicare patients with tremendous success.
  3. Self Payment:  We offer cost-effective payment plans for all types of out-of-pocket patient expenses.
  4. Personal Injury:  Our doctors have treated thousands of personal injury patients.  You can feel secure knowing that our doctors not only specialize in treating whiplash injuries, but also have the clinical experience necessary to assist you in assembling the objective evidence needed in cases that may require legal representation.  Our office will be happy to accept patients on a lien basis and in cases where funds become limited our aim is for all parties to reach a fair and equitable disbursement.
  5. Worker’s Compensation:  Our clinic takes great pride in their management of Worker’s Compensation claims.  It is always our goal to deliver the most effective patient specific treatment available to return the injured worker to their pre-injury status and get them back to work in the shortest time possible.


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